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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have truly grown over the last several years to become perhaps one of the Internet’s premier business models. However, folks who are new to affiliate programs, may not be familiar with all of the concepts and terms involved. Naturally, this can make it difficult to properly evaluate the hundreds of programs out there and decide which are best for you. Never the less, this is exactly what must be done by each and every one of us…

Before I cover the basics and define some of the common terms that are used when discussing affiliate programs, I want to present the scenario of a person who decided to start a business she could run at home while taking care of her young children. She researched affiliate programs for online casinos, since she had worked a number of years in this field, and there is no requirement to inventory product, etc.

Before Susan Allen became a stay-at-home mother she had been a tops sales rep for a company that developed online gaming software. She had traveled all over the US presenting the most recent versions of the software, touting both the usability and security aspects. When her husband, who worked on drill platforms for the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico died in an accident, she hired an experienced maritime lawyer. In case you are not familiar with this niche of the law, maritime lawyers practice the law as it pertains to navigable fresh waters (rivers) in the United States, in addition to the open waters such as those in the Gulf of Mexico or along the coastal seaboard of the US. Since negligence was suspected her maritime attorney was able to seek additional benefits under the General Maritime Laws. Although the lawsuit ended in her winning a significant amount of money, Susan now raising three children knew she could not return to her sales job, which required so much traveling. Such a position was not compatible with her desire to raise her kids. Utilizing her contacts within the gaming business, Susan was able to find several casinos that offered affiliate programs without having to go through an Affiliate Network. Gathering information about the types of affiliate programs that are available, Susan educated herself so she could choose the best affiliate program that would suit her internet business model. Working with an experienced seo/ web designer who became her business partner, Susan had an affiliate online slots usa website up and running within a couple of months. Within a year the venture was profitable and Susan felt the satisfaction of not only being able to contribute to the household’s financial stake, but also be a stay-at-home mom for her kids.

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